Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time For Eco-Citizens to Declare Global Transformation

By M Hidalgo

A Solar Explosion

The struggle with over reliance on traditional fuels to provide energy has become painfully obvious. Political instability, depleting resources and rocketing energy costs have all negatively impacted the economy on a global scale. While our narcissistic politicians cuddle together in the snow and gossip about global warming in Copenhagen, the rest of the world waits for them to act. They lecture to us about conserving energy as they emit globs of carbon dioxide gas in the air. They scream at us about how to save the planet against Armageddon. They do all of this while their unworthy sponsors slither about ready to make billions on false scientific data.

Meanwhile, the environmental effects stemming from decades of dependence on dirty fossil fuels are destroying our communities. Devastation to the air, sea and surface is causing health hazards and toxic landscapes. People are suffering as a result of air, water and soil contamination. Infection is prevalent even in the United States. Government bloviates but does nothing to fix the problem! Need proof? Conduct your own research about brownouts, air pollution, river contamination and hazardous waste landfills.

For example, a massive power outage completely crippled and left people vulnerable in parts of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada on August 14, 2003. It was the largest disruption of power affecting national security, communications, businesses, homes and farms in our history. Italy suffered a larger disruption of power in 2003. Luxembourg experienced a smaller disruption of power in 2004. The estimated financial loss of 6-billion dollars was not attributed to global warming or natural causes. It was blamed on human error and neglect. At least eight fatalities were reported. During the same period, in the hot and humid summer in the northeast, utility rates were spiraling out of control. There were deaths reported in the elderly population who could not afford to pay for the costs of using air conditioners.

Do any of these preventable events have any direct correlation with global warming? No! These are not isolated cases. It is a global crisis. Where are our impervious leaders?

Old Fashioned Innovation

There are new technologies based on clean energy alternatives. We need to develop them. Before the industrial age, there were passive solar technologies used over the centuries. We should bring them back and develop them also. Back to the present, protecting our natural resources begins at home. Insulate the attic, tint the windows and properly frame the doors. Install water-efficient heads and faucets. Purchase energy-saving appliances. Reduce energy consumption before slapping expensive solar panels over the entire roof. Done properly, increased energy consumption generated by photovoltaics could be the result but then the power is free.

Solar is great, but there are an assortment of active and passive technologies that are more suitable and cost effective for particular applications. Sometimes, doing simple activities brings people back to life. It is easy to recycle plastic, paper and metal products without the need for government interference and corporation games.

Old Fashioned Living

In a nutshell (pun intended), let us find ways to have fun. Planting a garden and opening a window with a big shade tree nearby are simple ideas to improve air quality, lower the ambient temperature and reduce energy consumption. Preparing lemonade is much more refreshing from ingredients grown in the garden. Tomatoes grown at home are tastier than the sexy ones displayed at the store. Have you ever eaten canned sweet peaches, chomped a juicy dill pickle or brewed your own beer?

One neighbor can pick extra lemons from the old faithful citrus tree in the yard and place them in a basket for people to grab while another neighbor picks extra chilis to give out. Do not let the fruits or vegetables drop to rot. Hey city slickers. Learn how to grow and cultivate tea, herbs or flowers in small containers. Start your own community swap meet. To give thanks, hugs and kisses! Love is in the air. Say what? Yep, too close for comfort. Just say "Thank you." Let us discuss ways to improve our lives before saving polar bears at the North Pole.

On the Brink of a Global Revolution

We are on the brink of a global revolution that will finally see the end of the industrial age. Avoid the fast lane and toss the time clock. A completely new lifestyle is emerging to embody all facets of our lives. Before it can happen, we must put the greedy Narcissists back in their cages. It is our turn to bust loose! We must address pressing issues in coming years as the demand for energy in developing regions such as China and India envision unprecedented growth. Political instability and turmoil in the global economies will not permit energy prices to remain low.

Generating power from alternative energy sources to support conventional energy systems is no longer an option; it is an absolute necessity. A radically different lifestyle is emerging in the 21st century. Introducing disruptive technologies are part of the solution. A coordinated effort led by a courageous society of eco-citizens can make it happen.

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