Thursday, September 19, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Climbers Arrested and Shots Fired After Attempting to Occupy a Gazprom Oil Platform in the Russian Arctic

This is what oil company protection looks like in the Russian Nick Young, GREENPEACE

Overnight two activists have been arrested in the Arctic.

They were attempting to occupy a Gazprom oil platform in the Arctic to stop the Russian oil giant becoming the first company to produce oil from the icy waters of the region.

Gazprom is Shell’s new partner in crime, with plans to wring every drop of oil from the fragile Arctic environment.

We’re determined to stop them, but our peaceful protest was met with aggression from the Russian Coast Guard. They fired at least 11 warning shots at our ship and threatened our activists with knives and guns.

The real threat to the Arctic is from these reckless oil companies. That’s why we need your help now to put global public pressure behind this action, and strengthen our call to protect the Arctic from drilling and destruction.

Sign the petition to Save the Arctic now

At 4:30 am Moscow time, five inflatable boats set off from the Arctic Sunrise towards Gazprom’s platform. The Russian Coast Guard, which seemed to be under orders to protect the oil giant’s dangerous rig, responded quickly with a disproportionate use of force.

Two activists were stopped before they reached the platform, and although two more did successfully climb onto the rig, shots fired by the Coast Guard meant they could not stay long.

These are the kinds of lengths that the Russian authorities will go to protect the interests of oil companies.

But we will not be intimidated into silence and inaction. We’re up there taking action because someone has to stop the insane rush of companies like Shell and Gazprom to extract oil from the melting Arctic.

Together we’re going to draw a line in the ice to say: “You go no further.” Just like the very deep sea around New Zealand, it’s a step too far. The risk is not worth taking.

Over 3.9 million people have joined our call to #SaveTheArctic. But companies like Shell and Gazprom are still making plans to drill for oil in an ecosystem that is already under severe threat.

It’s clear that if we want to win, we need more. We need you. Please click here to stand with me and demand global protection for the Arctic. Thanks so much!

Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace.

PS: We are posting ongoing updates to facebook and twitter if you want to see how this unfolds! - Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace.

PS: We'll be posting ongoing updates here as things unfold.
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