Thursday, October 3, 2013

Activists Held at Gunpoint in the Russian Arctic. Help Set Them Free

Greenpeace arctic sunrise
Greenpeace arctic sunrise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
On 20 September the Russian Coast Guard illegally boarded the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise while in international waters and arrested 30 activists on board at gunpoint.  
The activists were protesting Arctic oil drilling on the Gazprom platform, Prirazlomnaya, in the Pechora Sea off the Russian coast.
Alex Harris, a staff member from our Sydney office, and Colin Russell, an Australian radio operator, bravely locked themselves in the ship’s radio room to keep communications open before they were rounded up with the rest of the crew.

Right now, all around the world, hundreds of supporters are flooding the streets outside the Russian embassies in their countries, to demand the release of the people who put their bodies on the line to protect the Arctic from oil destruction.

We are demanding the urgent release of all activists, the immediate withdrawal of the Coast Guard from our ship, and an end to offshore oil drilling in the Arctic for good.

Together let’s show we are stronger than those who want to destroy the Arctic, and will not be intimidated into silence.

UPDATE: 27/9/2013

Following a preliminary court hearing in the Russian port town of Murmansk, most of our activists have been remanded in custody for two months, facing investigation for possible piracy. 

We are demanding the immediate release of all activists, our Arctic Sunrise ship, and an end to offshore drilling in the Arctic for good.

Over 500,000 people around the world have sent emails to Russian embassies around the world. Please send your message today then share this with everyone.


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