Thursday, December 22, 2016

VIDEO: Living with Coyote: Wildlife Management is Really a Misnomer - It’s About Managing People

on Aeon:

Once largely confined to the plains of central North America, coyotes have thrived and spread as human impact on the environment has increased over the past 150 years.

Today, the opportunistic predator inhabits most of the continent - from Alaska to Central Park to the Panama Canal - preying on rural livestock and scavenging in urban and suburban areas.

Combining interviews, animation and striking scenery from the western US, Living With Coyote carefully untangles North America’s coyote dilemma, shedding light on how human activities and attitudes created and define the problem.

Director: Priya Shelly
Producer: Priya Shelly
Cinematographer: Shaka Brookes
Editor: Danush Parvaneh

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