Saturday, October 3, 2009

GREEN LIVING: Organic Gardening - An Old Method to Yield High Quality Results‏

by Wendy Moyer

Organic gardening is a healthy, chemical free way to grow plants. When you're an organic gardener you work with nature and help her to recycle natural plant and animal waste. As a result you create healthy soil. The beauty of this approach is that your basic tools are earth, water, and air.

One of the oldest methods of cultivation, organic gardening is less expensive than using modern day chemical fertilizers. And, over time, chemical additives and fertilizers deplete the soil of the very things it needs to help plants resist insect attacks, disease, and stress.

It's a very basic way for you to make sure that you grow the highest quality produce for you and your family to enjoy. By taking this route you're helping the planet as well as your plants.

When you choose to use this approach you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labor. And those fruits (and vegetables) will be healthier and more nutritious than just about anything you could buy in your local market. You will marvel at the taste and enjoy the delicious difference organic gardening offers.

Organic Gardening is a Mindset

In order to gardening while simultaneously respecting nature may require a paradigm shift on your part. This involves more than soil preparation, mulch, using natural methods to control disease and pests, and planting your plants. It means looking as plants as part of a complete natural system that begins with the soil.

Organic gardeners believe that this system involves a natural balance between soil, water, people, wildlife and insects. The basic premise is that if you work with nature to grow your plants any of the resources that your garden consumes can be replenished easily and consistently.

The Basics of Organic Gardening

The goal of this type of gardening is to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in an entirely natural environment. Since everything is grown naturally you will not treat your garden with any herbicides or pesticides. If you haven't tried it yet, you will quickly find that although you may have to make a few changes from traditional gardening, it's fun and easy because there are only two basic things you have to do.

First, you will create soil that is naturally rich in nutrients. Second, you will deal with pests, diseases, and weeds using only natural means. Although there are numerous approaches you might take, what you choose will ultimately depend on the type of plants you'd like to grow and the type of soil you will grow them in.

Although it requires some dedication, the first time you taste your organically grown produce or look at the beautiful floral bouquet you've created you will convince yourself that it was all worth it.

That's because your flowers and herbs will be stronger and healthier and your vegetables and fruits will not only taste much better - they will be better for you.

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Wendy Moyer is a professionaljournalist.

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