Sunday, October 4, 2009

OPINION: Did Global Warming Alarmists Set the Fires in Australia?

By Lance Winslow

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Some conspiracy theorists are reporting that the arsonists that set the huge fires in Australia that killed over 200 people and left nearly 7,000 people homeless was done by the "global warming" conspiracy folks. These are the folks labeled for their junk science and attempt to curtail human civilization and move the power base from the oil industry and first, world industrialized nations.

But, why would the global warming folks need to set fires, after all, most nations of the world have agreed that Global Warming is a concern and real, so what is the problem, they are winning with regards to their secret plan?

Well, conspiracy theorists say that because CO2 levels are dropping due to the economic slowdown around the world, the Global Warming Alarmists must continue to have their data show that CO2 is going up. Basically, they need more CO2 in the air to measure otherwise their own data will prove them wrong.

Meanwhile, no one has even proven that the increases in CO2 are even causing Global Warming, or if our climate is even heating up at all? In fact, many studies show our planet is actually cooling slightly. But there are droughts in many regions of the world, such as Australia, where they are now blaming global warming as the cause.

This even though there was a similar drought in the 1950s, which was about the same, difference now is that there are more people using up the water in the present period. The question now is;

Are the conspiracy theorists right or are they simply allowing their imaginations to over run reason?

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