Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eco-Friendly Products And A Change In Attitude

by Thomas Pretty

As many places all over the world experience adverse weather conditions and climate change a finger is always pointed towards the damage we are doing to the environment. It is subsequently understandable then that so many people now choose to buy eco-friendly products, in order to do their part for the cause of saving the planet and preserving the environment.

The sheer array of eco-friendly products available on the market today is immense; it is now possible to pick up practically anything, from cars to televisions that are more environmentally sound than in previous years.

Many of these products have managed to improve their eco-credentials by changing the way in which they are manufactured and distributed. For example, where in the past plastics were manufactured from scratch, many are now made using recycled products. One example would be car tyres, that can be recycled to manufacture items such as bags or even pencil cases.

Similarly, those with a true eco-consciousness can purchase clothes manufactured from recycled plastic carrier bags; definitely a statement, but less for fashion and more to show to everyone that your own commitment to the environment is evident.

It is not just niche items however that are now more eco-friendly. Large corporations are now jumping on the bandwagon, acutely aware that they must incorporate environmental thinking into their processes if they are to survive. For instance, major car manufacturers now take into account fuel efficiency into their designs for new cars from the outset.

With dwindling fuel supplies and the focus of the media upon any new car launch it is essential to market a vehicle that will limit its own impact on the environment.

In a similar vein, technology companies are incorporating environmental principles into their design processes. One pertinent example is of some new televisions that have a presence sensor; put simply, this sensor detects the presence of the people in the room, if no one is watching then the set is turned off automatically.

Equally important are ambient light sensors being incorporated into televisions and laptops; these sensors evaluate the amount of light in a room and adjust the backlight of the computer or the television to a more suitable level. These two developments may seem rather insignificant but when their effects are taken for the entirety of a products lifespan then the savings can be considered extremely worthwhile.

Hopefully this article has gone some of the way to explaining the types of eco-products that are now available to consumers. It has also hoped to present the point that many major companies as well as smaller operators are now incorporating environmental principles into their design and manufacturing processes.

With a keen interest in environmental issues Thomas Pretty studies how eco-friendly products are rapidly becoming a large element in the global economy and how companies are increasing incorporating environmentally friendly agendas. To find out more please visit

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