Saturday, January 16, 2010

Melting Glaciers - A Sign of Global Warming

By Pauline Go

With the world being swept apart today by the various discussions on issues which are related to global warming or even climate change as the phenomena is often referred to as, the seriousness of the issue and the condition of the globe on an universal level has to an extent hit us today.

Global warming signifies a condition in which the temperature of the world around us rises up on a universal level. A threat to the world around us, it is also a looming danger that can affect humans as well as all living beings in an alarming way.

Perhaps, no other aspect of global warning is as high as that of the glaciers all around the world melting down on a steady and universal level ... a trait that can both act as an ongoing proof of the severe effects of the changes in the climatic conditions as well as another visual reminder of the stark effects of the fallout of the changes.

The problem of the melting glaciers on a universal level was brought to light in the past century ... from reports which came from almost all corners of the globe. Though ice melts every year, it is generally replaced by fresh ice that allows the glacier to remain intact centuries after centuries. However, with the effects of the global warming, the fresh snow which is formed is not adequate enough to replace the entire quantity of snow that had melted. Besides, this, the resultant snow transforms into water which reaches the sea and in turn increases the level of the sea water.

Thus, this too can have an adverse effect on the totality of effects that has the power of disrupting the normalcy of life on earth. Thus, as responsible global citizens, we should try and stop all the small steps which can in turn increase global warming.

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