Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Jobs and the Future

By Dave Stefko

When you consider that solar electricity dates back to the 1880's how could you not wonder why it has taken us so long to realize something has got to change? We cannot continue to go in the direction we have for so many years environmentally. Sure we hear the government talk about green jobs that will stimulate the economy by putting displaced workers back on the payroll. I for one have not seen any evidence yet.

If you read the news you will see corporations getting grants to do research and development. Rarely do you hear about the working man getting any help. If it is going to happen I believe it will be up to us. In this article we will talk about what we can do.

First of all stop looking to the government to bail us out. That is a sore subject right now. We have the world at our fingertips and information is just a keystroke away. You can go to college online and get your degree in record time. There are electronic books that can teach you anything you want to learn.

Do you want to learn how to start your own solar company? Google it, the info is there to help you get started. What about becoming a consultant? You can! My point is the sky really is the limit when it comes to energy conservation and the new green industry that is beginning. People want to know how to cut their utility bills? What type of solar power gets the best return on investment? Is wind power an option for me?

You can be the go to guy (or girl). Be an expert in the energy conservation field. Be respected and enjoy helping people. While you are doing all this keep in mind that you are not displaced, but rather in a small business that is a part of the solution. Your clients will thank you for your help.

I keep up on these things and recently I received an email saying that at least one of the Energy Auditor courses has been accepted as a USGBC educational provider (US Green Building Council). They are in charge of the LEED program all over the world (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design).

In conclusion I will say this. You can be an installer or an Engineer. Whether you are calculating heat loss by doing a blower door test, adding insulation to cut energy bills, or doing a complete energy audit you can make a difference and be proud of your profession.

Dave has a background in Solar Installation. Since 1981 he has installed over 2,500 Solar pool heating,Solar thermal,and one 15KW photovoltaic system. His installations span 5 states with one in Mexico, City. You can learn more by visiting this site: http://www.energyauditorcertificationonline.info

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