Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recycling Rain Water - A Social Responsibility

By Jim Mathew

Water is the most essential element for humans after air and even though our planet comprises of 2/3 part of water, the percentage of drinking water is very low. Increased pollution and global warming has worsened this situation. It is the responsibility of each individual to recycle rain water even if they live in a place which has no water scarcity. By recycling rain water your contribution to humanity would be really significant.

To recycle rain water, you can install rain water harvesting systems in your home or workplace. Installing a rain water harvesting system is not a very expensive deal these days as you can make a rain water harvesting tank in your yard and connect all the pipes from your roof to it. Make sure before rainy season you have cleaned your roof properly. It is essential to cover up your rain water container with a net so that mosquitoes won't lay eggs in the stored water.

If you think that a rainwater harvesting tank is an expensive deal, you can use your old barrels or gallons to collect rainwater. This is a very helpful method, especially if you are paying water bills. At least during rainy season, you can bring down your water bills to a considerable amount by using the rain water for bathing, car washing etc. If your lawn has trees and other plants, you can lead the excessive rain water to them when it overflows from the built tank.

Trees are the natural water collectors and their roots can store enormous sum of rainwater. This way, you are allowing the rainwater to drain into the ground rather than being flown away through sewage. If you live in a place where water scarcity is very high, you can also consider rain water towers. But this is an expensive deal and you probably have to shell out a lot of money. But rainwater towers can help you to address most of your water needs.

Rainwater harvesting in your farm is a very good method to provide your crops with sufficient water supply. To make rainwater harvesting system, you can make small pits in your farm at a distance of 10 to 20 meters. If possible, fill these pits with organic substances such as coconut fiber that can store plenty of water. You will be stunned to notice the difference such systems can make. Your crops can stay healthy to a considerable amount of time during summers with such rainwater harvesting systems.

When it comes to energy consumption and rainwater harvesting, we have to contribute our part even if we don't face any difficulty for both energy and water. There is a saying that tiny drops of water make an ocean, so each contribution from an individual like us is very important for our government to meet water requirements for the masses. By storing rainwater as much as possible, you are making sure that the people around you have access to more amount of water. Rainwater harvesting is beneficial for you as well as society in this way.

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