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MOVIE AND BOOK REVIEW: Born Free - A Timeless Movie and Book

Cover of "Born Free"Cover of Born FreeBy Kimberly Day

A book that came out in the 60's would forever change the way that people felt about wildlife. That book was "Born Free" which later became a classic movie in 1966 about Joy Adamson who had a very close friendship with a lioness named Elsa. Joy and George loved Elsa as though it were their own child.

In 1956, George brought three lion cubs home to Joy, after their mother was killed and Elsa was one of the cubs that later would change their lives forever. When Elsa died, Joy wanted her ashes to be spread on Elsa's gravesite. They would once again be bonded in death as they were in life.

In all of history, there has never been such a close relationship between a human and an animal. Sadly, Africa has changed quite dramatically, with a population increase and very few lions left in the wild compared to the numbers in the 60's when all of Africa was a paradise for all wildlife.

After Joy and George Adamson died, Virginia McKenna and her husband, the late Bill Travers who starred in the movie Born Free, actively tried to continue to protect the lions and to continue on with Elsa's Legacy. Through "The Born Free Foundation" today, they educate others on these magnificent creatures whom they share a common bond with.

I had the privilege of getting a personal card from Virginia McKenna and a signed copy of her autobiography book titled, "The Life In My Years" in which there are photos of Joy Adamson and Elsa in the early days. Virginia has such respect for nature and is a true Humanitarian and Advocate for all of wildlife, particularly of lions.

Born Free is a foundation for future generations to remember and to preserve Elsa's Legacy forever. Today, in a chaotic world where there is much fighting and suffering, this heartwarming true story of Elsa and those who loved her reminds us that if an animal and human can get along, then surely we can try to get along with each other.

This book and movie will forever remind us that lions are individuals that are quite intelligent and can be very loving to their human companions. And that lions and all animals should be free, rather than in zoos or circuses.

There will never be another book quite like Born Free that touched so many people throughout the World. It is a very unique true story that has transcended time.

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