Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Live in a Throwaway Society

Our Throwaway SocietyImage by Trevor Coultart via FlickrBy Kristl Story

When's the last time you repaired something that was broken? If your cell phone breaks, do you even consider repairing it? If a sock has a hole in it, do you mend it, throw it away, or in my case ... turn it into a rag! If a part breaks on your food processor, do you order that part or throwaway the entire unit? Next time something is broken, stop before you throw it away (and add to our landfills) ... consider your options:
  • Repair Shop - yes, repair shops do still exist, and it's worth asking how much a repair would cost. My three teenagers are always trying to justify replacing broken electronics in the name of new technology, but their wallets don't always allow! My son's iPod screen cracked, and he was able to get it repaired for $50 instead of replacing it with the newer model for $200. Sure, he would have liked the newer model, but he couldn't afford it. Live within your means! 
  • Super Glue - I love super glue! In the past couple of months, I've used super glue to: repair the sole of my son's running shoe, repair a Christmas ornament and fix a knob on my bathroom drawer. Super glue is my 30-second repairman! I suggest always having some on hand, and I'm partial to the little single use super glues, so you never have to worry about it drying out.
  • Replace a Part - Often times, you can go online and order an inexpensive replacement part for something like your food processor.
  • Donate It - Years ago, I used to volunteer at community thrift sale, and I was always amazed to discover that there is a market for broken electronics. Techies love to fix broken things or just use them for parts! Give your throw away a second life!
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle - Many things can be recycled, so check it first before you throw it away. Did you know that many stores offer trade-in programs?
Let's "trash" our throwaway society, and opt for budget friendly and earth friendly alternatives!

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