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Is Your Green or Eco-Community Eco-Minded?

Eco-community, MalmoImage by La Citta Vita via FlickrBy Rosemary Mac Gregor

Many eco-minded communities are being created throughout the world. Some are more eco than others. Water systems, energy systems, impact studies, dirt treatment, waste removal, recycling, transportation, food, EMF, microwaves, air-quality, sourcing items, air-conditioning, toys like television, paper use, building materials, types of lighting are some of the major issues needing to be taken into consideration. Maybe these communities should be graded or ranked according to the number of these issues incorporated into their setting.

What is the water source? Is bottled water allowed? Spring fed mountain water is some of the best. Is water recycled for garden usage and toilets?. How is the water sourced and pumped? Is there a water re-catchment system for rain-water retrieval? Are there septic systems?

What is the source of electricity? Is the water being used to generate electricity or are wind combines creating electricity? Are their solar panels and what kinds. Some of the newer ones are far better than the older versions.

Throughout the world, with the proliferation of cell phones and their towers and other devices emitting electromagnetic radiation (EMR), we are seeing dramatic increases in a number of illnesses (chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, ADD, mental illnesses, suicides, bizarre crimes, cancers, brain tumors, leukemias, epilepsy - not to mention electro sensitivity [ES]).

EMF-free communities are being built in Sweden, France, Italy, the USA, and Japan. Is this something your eco-community has considered? Since the internet is seemingly here to stay, has this community plan perhaps created a shielded center for those who insist on their internet. Some homes in the U.S.A. have a wi-fi in every bedroom, and the home office. Microsoft campuses as they are called have up to 4 internet stations in a house.

Life on this planet is being threatened by this and other technologies. There is ample evidence to suggest that this EMR is a major factor in environmental problems including the disappearance of birds, amphibians, and insects.

Narrated by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, Dirt! offers insight into the environmental, economic, social, and political impact that SOIL has around the world. Packed with countless billions of microscopic organisms, soil ultimately provides life and fertility to plants, animals, and humans. It also purifies and heals the very systems that sustain us, without which nothing could survive.

Many modern interventions, including industrialized and pesticide-based farming, have all but depleted the richness of the world's soil. Within the past century one third of the world's topsoil has been depleted. Topsoil, contains the highest concentration of organic matter, including the microorganisms that convert waste to dirt and replenish it with vital nutrients. Without it, life will not be sustained. How is the soil in your community being cared for?

How is the food grown in your eco community? Are organic principles in place? What methods are being used to control pests? There are numerous natural techniques such as garlic sprays, hedges of Rosemary and Sage. Are their permaculture practices in place, that is sustainable land use design?

Does the facility have microwaves? The Germans developed the microwave technologies to support mobile operations into the vast expanses of the Soviet Union, and it is now the Russians who have outlawed their use and issued an international warning about the biological and environmental damage that can result from their use.

There are numerous pieces of research showing the cancer-causing, nutritional and biological destructive effects to humans and other organisms when exposed to microwave emissions. The list is rather mind-boggling.

What about air-conditioning? Does this eco-minded community offer this? AC is destructive to the environment, harmful to health and wasteful of resources.. Not only are we contributing to global warming by pumping out harmful gases, we are using up power, fossil fuel, and depleting reserves. We are increasing our own chances of infection by lowering our resistance by artificially changing our ambient temperature. AC causes us to re-breathe recycled air.

Does the community support televisions in each house? Studies have shown direct links between television and violent feelings and behavior, anger, and addiction. Besides that, the community roofs will be sprinkled with little satellite dishes.

Does the central store sell recycled toilet paper and paper towels? What other ecologically minded items are present? Maybe the store only sells organic or fresh items and no packaged additive loaded items.

What kinds of lighting are used? The information came out and was available in the 1970's on the harmful effects of white lights. Full-spectrum lighting was recommended. Since then we have been flooded with fluorescents that seem to cause untoward effects in many people, long life bulbs, LEDs, etc.

Learn as much as you can about each of these issues before buying into a green community. This may involve a great deal of research and awareness. Hopefully, the community has taken on the task of doing this research beforehand and is excited about educating all interested buyers.

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