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What Is the Gatlinburg (TN) Goes Green Initiative?

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a small community known as the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Because the economy of the city and the lives of those who live there are so dependent on the beautiful environment in which they live, they make every effort to keep it as wholesome and pristine as possible. One of the ways the city does this is through the Gatlinburg Goes Green Initiative.

The Gatlinburg Goes Green Initiative is a voluntary program consisting of member businesses that wish to make a commitment to reduce their environmental impact. This is accomplished through three important types of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. The initiative was started by a group of concerned citizens and businesses who decided to work together to continue to make Gatlinburg a pleasant place to live and visit. Because of the city's location in the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg believes that it is essential to the prosperity of the city's residents and the city as a whole.

Any business that is a member in good standing of the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce is eligible to participate in the Gatlinburg Goes Green Initiative. The Program Participation Agreement can be completed online or on paper. After the completion of the program checklist, the business is then evaluated and placed into one of four levels: Entry, Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The specific items on the checklist vary depending on the type of business. A different checklist is given to businesses depending on whether they are accommodations, amusements, retail businesses, schools, or services. However, the fields on the checklist for which businesses are evaluated have the same key categories:

• Communication and education
• Waste Reduction and recycling
• Energy efficiency and conservation
• Water conservation
• Air quality preservation
• Wildlife conservation
• Transportation
• Purchasing
• Community benefits

The Gatlinburg Goes Green Initiative sponsors several activities for the public. Some of the most popular of these activities are as follows:

Earth Day Festival: Earth Day, which is held on the Tuesday of the week of April 22 every year, is tied in to the most prominent festival of the Gatlinburg Goes Green Initiative. At this festival, attendees are treated to live music and local vendors set up booths to display and sell various crafts. This event is always great fun.

Swap Shop: The Swap Shop is a year-round event that takes place online. It is aimed at reducing garbage and getting the most use of items possible instead of adhering to the buy-it-and-toss-it disposable disposition. Anyone can list items that are unwanted to give away or exchange for other items with someone who may have a use for them.

Educational Events: Educational events are held all through the year. Specific events are always changing, but some examples include the Gatlinburg Green Symposium and the National Clean Air Green Tour.

If you come to visit for some of the activities sponsored by Gatlinburg Goes Green Initiative, you might as well stay overnight in a Smoky Mountain cabin rental and see some of the great attractions Gatlinburg has to offer.

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