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Alternative Energy Could Make America Rich

Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and S...Image via WikipediaBy Walker Sharpe

Electric cars. Solar power. Wind energy. Wave farms. Bio-fuel. What do they all have in common?

American engineers could export them to every other country in the world.

We could topple the Middle East's stranglehold on the World's energy sources - and at the same time make a killing. So why don't we?

Think about it - instead of driving the cost of nearly every product sold in the United States even higher [everything you buy needs to be transported - hence, the price of energy affects every product on the market] - sending billions upon billions of dollars to oversea oil companies and nations we are on the brink of war with - and crippling the American economy by causing our people to pay insanely high prices. Why don't we just switch?

Is the reason that it would be too expensive? Well, if that was the case - then why did we just sign a 100+ BILLION DOLLAR Healthcare Bill into law? "Too Expensive" doesn't seem to be in a Congressman's vocabulary. Is it that as a society [read this following statement with heaping piles of sarcasm], oil is just too ingrained into how we live? That is a little bit more valid - though be it only a slight validation at that. If the American people a truly in love with oil, it's going to be heartbreak the nation over come this summer - when oil is estimated to hit almost $150/barrel.

But Oil, that dirty black gold, isn't the only energy source costing our nation billions of dollars.

Remember that little buddy of ours named Coal? Well - buckle your seat belts for this one: Ready for the statistic you've heard virtually NOTHING about? Harvard puts the cost of coal each year at ... are you ready for this? HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS - EVERY YEAR. Here's a little snippet I found while doing some research for this article:

"In the time it takes most people to read this sentence, the world will have used up (forever) about 8,000 barrels of oil - 336,000 gallons; at 1000 barrels per second, it's going fast."
Bottom line: Oil isn't going to be around forever.

Yet instead of realizing this seemingly blatant fact and switching to more effective sources of energy - Washington continues to thumb it's ass. But wait! - Nuclear energy? Yeah, okay - great idea. I'm sure Japan is really grateful about the whole "we will supplement our energy supply with reactors" decision.

How about alternatives that pose absolutely ZERO negative environmental exteralities, potential or otherwise?
Like Solar Power - Wind Power - Wave farms - Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

If America started a nationwide program to recycle outdated combustion-engine cars, took this raw material and RE-BOOTED OUR STEEL INDUSTRY - while at the same time we EXPORTED HI-TECH ALTERNATIVE ENERGY we would be one [very big] step closer to solving the economic crisis.

New Solar Energy plants would have to open all over the nation - providing thousands and thousands of new jobs and sparking the economy. America could export the next generation of the World's technology - highly efficient electric automobiles - solar panels - fuel cells - wind and wave farming technology.. and undoubtedly the new flame of economic growth would lead to even better energy technology due to revitalized competition in the energy sectors.

New AMERICAN car companies, such as Tesla, would employ thousands of people in making new cars - for the rest of the world to buy up like wildfire.

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Written by Walker Sharpe of the blog

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