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Greenhouse Construction, A Way For Sustainable Living

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Greenhouses. A wonderful and loved hobby for horticulturalists and avid gardeners but now, commercial greenhouses are staking a claim to the "green building" enthusiasts. As our world becomes more sustainable, it only makes sense to build more greenhouses. Here is one more way to reduce your person carbon footprint.

Universities and Agricultural departments have built greenhouses for educational purposes but elementary and pre-schools were also building greenhouses to teach children about life, the earth, nature, as well as good eating habits and organic growing.

As our land becomes more obsolete many have sought to build greenhouses with the use of hydroponics so the soil is preserved and the vegetation grows healthier by transporting the nutrients directly to the root of the plants.

Acreage can no longer go out so we must consider going up. With a large greenhouse structure, growing up, or "eco-building" is the idea of planting in large glass towers and keeping the glass greenhouse structures growing year round and in places that would normally be unavailable. This would create crop for countries in places where land is not available, either because of climate or because of space. It would also allow growing year round and quite possibly put a stop to much of the hunger crisis.

Supplying healthy food through greenhouse structures or supplying crops that would help our oil crisis would be a complete sustainable process.

Greenhouse construction may seem costly, as does many "green" building products but the outcome far out ways the costs. Take for example your grocery bills. Per week a family may spend hundreds of dollars. This adds up for the year and with higher costs of gas and fuel, groceries will continue to skyrocket. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into your custom greenhouse, pick a few tomatoes, grab some spinach, and eat fresh organic veggies for dinner. It pays off within a year financially as well as health related advantages of eating organic foods.

The other day I was reading an article regarding the desire to create better food products by farming with organic fertilizers. This can be accomplished by attracting insects with particular plants that kill other insects that bring disease to the crop or plants. This quickly brought to mind how the generations throughout my life have always had a wave of "naturalists" that always wanted to get back to nature.

Like myself, I have wonderful intentions. Now, it is time to do something about it. I think we can definitely make good use of what we are learning about the economy, about the earth, and about "green" living by simply following what we believe in. Building greenhouses are unquestionably can provide a sustainable living.

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  1. Environmental degradation has been been happening since decades and has risen uncontrollably. It is getting recognition all over the world and it can help us create a pollution free environment. Greenhouse construction is indeed a smart way to approach sustainable living.