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Carbon Reduction Commitment

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The United Nations Convention on Climate Change or UNCCC is an undertaking which aims to reduce the overall production of greenhouse gases through a legally binding agreement between participating nations.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, countries are required to reduce the four major gases responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. The agreement calls for the gradual reduction of all greenhouse gases from 1990 levels to those which don't interfere with the climate system.

Signatories are required to make reports on their current greenhouse gas productions and are tasked with ensuring that national policies are in line with their Carbon Reduction Commitment The Kyoto Protocol has provided measures and guidelines in order for participating countries to achieve this which includes the use of clean development mechanisms, emissions trading and joint implementation projects.

The objectives of the United Nations sponsored agreement is the reduction of greenhouse emissions to levels that are not detrimental to the climate system. Its aim is to cut the production of dangerous emissions by 5.2 percent from their 1990 levels.

The Kyoto protocol also recognizes the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities". Signatories agree that the burden of reducing greenhouse gas emissions still lie with highly industrialized countries. This is acknowledgment that much of the global emissions originate from developed counties. That overall greenhouse emission from less developed countries is small but as their economies grow so does their share in responsibility.The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement among countries that recognizes the need for a concerted effort in carbon reduction commitment.

The Kyoto Protocol also calls for the creation of an enforcement branch to monitor countries which are unable to comply with emission limitations. Countries who are unable to comply may find themselves paying an additional percentage of their gas emission deficits and suspension in their gas emission trading programs.

Carbon reduction commitment still remains to be a highly contentious political issue as countries such as the United States has expressed concerns about the effects of the Kyoto Protocol on its economy. However, even with its difficulties the UN Sponsored agreement remains to be the best step in reducing global greenhouse emissions.

With an overwhelming amount of evidence in support of man made climate change, government and international policies will have to be agreed on and fast. The time is now to act of climate change with many experts suggesting we are close to the tipping point.

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