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Be Part of the Movement to Stop Deep-Sea Oil

View from a beach off Beach Rd. in Kaikoura.
Just off Beach Rd. in Kaikoura (Wikipedia)
by Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand

The movement to Stop Deep Sea Oil has really become a force to be reckoned with - it reminds me of the people-powered movement that saw NZ become nuclear free in the 1980s!

This year there's already a lot going on so, here's an update for you on dirty drillers, a Wellington march, ‘rapid response’ blockades, a day at the beach and other actions you can get involved with in every part of the country.

Last year the Oil Free Seas Flotilla hugely increased public awareness of the deep sea oil issue by protesting Texan oil giant Anadarko’s wildcat drilling off the Raglan coast. There are Stop Deep Sea Oil signs and banners all over the country, new groups emerging, protests planned and more to come.

Soon Anadarko will finish operations off Raglan and begin drilling another high risk deep-sea exploratory well off the Otago coast, and also start seismic testing in the Pegasus basin near Kaikoura and Wellington.

Now is the time again to make it completely clear that deep sea drilling is not welcome anywhere in the oceans of Aotearoa New Zealand!

South Island: Banners on the Beach, 15 February - come along if you can!

- Come out to your favourite beach on the east coast of the South Island on Saturday the 15th Feb at midday for Banners on the Beach events. As the title suggests, bring along a banner to show your opposition to risky oil on the very beaches we want to protect! In November 2013 over 5,000 people turned out on west coast beaches of the North Island to take a stand against drilling off Raglan. Now the Mainland needs to make its voice heard! More on this soon but please RSVP on facebook now and invite your friends!

Wellington: March to Stop Deep Sea Drilling - 24 January

- Oil Free Wellington is holding a protest this Friday, the 24th of January, 12.30pm beginning at Midland Park to oppose Anadarko's drilling plans in the Pegasus Basin, just 30km south of Wellington. If you’re in the Wellington area get along and show your support!

Around the rest of the country:

- All around the country people are getting out and getting active in opposition to risky deep sea drilling. One of the most fun and creative ways to do this is to put up a sign at home or somewhere in your community. Check out the Summer of Signs for more details and some inspirational examples of banners that are already up.

- The Oil Free Future Summit in Dunedin earlier this month was a fantastic success and one of the highlights was that local group Oil Free Otago established a "Rapid Response" team of people committed to opposing Anadarko’s risky drilling due to happen off Otago in the next few weeks. If you live in Te Waipounamu and are keen to get involved, OFO would love to hear from you.

- Kaikoura locals who depend on whales and the oceans for their livelihoods are not happy either about seismic testing, which is known to distress whales, and plans are afoot for protesting this activity also. Click here if you want to be involved in Kaikoura

- Right now you can make a quick submission in defence of your right to say NO to deep sea drilling. The EEZ Submissions process closes on the 30th of January.

PHEW! That was a lot of info to get through, thanks for sticking with it - no matter where you are in the country or how much time you have on your hands there’s something you can do Stop Deep Sea Oil.

This issue affects us all so please make your voice heard!

Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace.

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