Saturday, November 14, 2009

CONSERVATION: Animals in Trouble in Tropical North Queensland

By Jen Thames

Tropical storms are threatening the wildlife in this incredible region. An area that is filled with tropical rain forests and unique wildlife is threatened to become extinct by the current changes in weather. Magnified by human development, cyclones of the current day are much worse than those of the past and many rare and unique animals call this region home.

The tropical rain forests have been moving toward recovery but the weather is causing a decrease in the bird food resources such as nectar, pollen and fruit. This also impacts other creatures within the rain forest.

The FNQ Wildlife Rescue is trying to help save the creatures in this region by providing supplemental foods. They are a volunteer organization that receives no funding from the government and they rely on donations to help keep these creatures alive.

Ways you can help the animals is by donating money or volunteering your time to help them in their effort. You can be trained to be a wildlife rescuer and learn about handling the rain forest animal. Being a pet owner who is responsible and keeps their pet contained is useful also as one of the problems is pets killing the native wild creatures.

We have to continue our efforts to be more environmentally conscious as these efforts go far in helping the creatures of the world, not just in Tropical North Queensland. There are many simple things you can do in your life to change the way we live, and when you help the animals you're ultimately preserving your human environment.

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