Saturday, November 14, 2009

GREEN LIVING: Some Green Transportation Options

By Harold Baldwin

There are plenty of transportation options other than owning a car and driving it everywhere you go. Some of these options can even be more convenient, not to mention more economical and often more fun not to mention better for the environment.

If you must own a car, and I certainly do, try to multiple combine trips into one - it simply requires some planning. Carpooling is wonderful, and reduces the need to always drive yourself. You also may be able to carshare, where several people own vehicle. You might setup arrangements with friends, although normally people do it via programs like Zipcar or Flexcar, which cost about $10 an hour. Another option is renting a car if you only need one occasionally.

Of course public transportation exists in most parts of the world, although in many parts of the US it's pretty mediocre yet improving. I have several friends who take the train to work for example, and reading or relaxing on a train certainly beats fighting rush hour traffic twice a day!

Of course you can use totally green options sometimes too! I walk a lot, for example to do errands during lunchtime at work. And I bicycle a lot, even doing the 38 mile commute to the office occasionally by bike.

Vacations are another area to consider. Although traveling to exotic locals by plane, train, and automobile is fun, there may also be relatively local and also fascinating places to explore. It doesn't need to be a jetplane ride away in order to be exotic and fun!

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