Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Know Thyself" - The Ultimate Green Initiative

By Andrea Rodriguez

One of the most pressing issues of our times is the need to preserve nature. Global warming, deforestation and water pollution are just a few examples of the challenges we face. A quantum leap in awareness across all segments of society is essential for our future. From political leaders, to large corporations, to the average household, many are facing the same issue; a lack of understanding about the relationship between man and nature, which is rooted in the fact that we lack self-knowledge.

There's a path that needs to be traveled a lot more often. In fact, that path does need to be traveled massively. It's the path to self-discovery, which can take us to a very important destination call unity. It's a state of mind where we are one with nature. In that state, we take care of the environment and go green, not out of compliance or fear but out of love. The path to self-discovery has but one obstacle, a thinking mind that totally overshadows the true self.

We need to create a world of individuals that are green from the inside out. Our stressed out minds with seldom glimpses of peace, need to be replaced with peaceful minds with seldom glimpses of stress. That task becomes increasingly difficult when we take into account that we live in the information age, and we are constantly bombarded with information that feeds our thinking mind and drowns silence.

Given that we can't "think" our way to unity and connectedness, the real challenge becomes accessing intelligence beyond thought, through silence. It is in silence that the mysteries of the universe are revealed to those who care to listen, and the bond between men and nature can be reestablished. "Know thyself" becomes a key component of being green because out of self-knowledge arises inner peace, capable of transforming perspective on inner and outer reality.

Andrea obtained a Biochemistry degree from the prestigious Stony Brook University in New York, where she also completed several courses in philosophy. She went on to become a student at The School of Practical Philosophy in New York City. Her inquisitive nature, search for meaning, role as a working mom and profound love for nature, lead her to a simple green lifestyle. Although her Biochemistry degree raised her awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, she feels that the title that best defines her is "Mom". She summarizes her journey to balance and unity in one word that can help restore balance to people's lives and the planet:peace. That word is the basis of her movement and also her book "The 1 Word Revolution".

By Andrea Rodriguez

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