Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Age of Aquarius Brings Great Change

by Morning Dove

The Age of Aquarius officially started on March 22, 2010. Religious organizations may use the new age as a way to control their congregations with fear. We must understand that the New Age is a shift in energy.

This shift is to bring great advancement in all areas. It's a promise from God that a new beginning will allow us to understand more and to experience greater joy on this planet. It's wonderful and NOT a death sentence. When we see it this way, we will bring positive energy into our surroundings.

When anything changes there is disturbance but God is not responsible for the disturbances. We are responsible. We are changing our level of understanding on a constant basis. More and more technology is revealed. There could be upheaval and yet there might be less than anticipated. It all depends on our ability to embrace a higher vibration of energy.

When we resist we create negative energy, which takes the level of consciousness down, not only in us but in our world. The difference in positive energy being introduced to negative energy is similar to a warm front and a cold front joining forces.

We are very much determining what we experience by how we receive the new age. I believe that if we can take hold of the wondrous future, we will send out into the world positive vibrations. This is the key to limiting disturbance.

In the atmosphere a cold front hitting a warm front causes disturbance. Think of negative emotions as similar to the cold front and positive emotions similar to the warm front. If we can limit the negative, fear-based emotions of the change from one age to another, we will ward off disturbances.

The religious world that would like to create fear by saying this might be the end of the world. This creates in the minds of the followers a negative vibration, which feeds fear and loss into what they project. All of this creates the imbalance of energy in our environment.

I know that the Aquarian age will bring a new form of technology, based on a new state of consciousness that is not force-based. Yes, that is what the Piscean Age was, force-based.

For instance, take oil; how was oil created? By force; by drilling into the Earth. How is it refined; again by force. How is it used to power your cars? From an internal combustion engine; where the force of an explosion forces the pistons to move. Everywhere, there is force. Even in how we live our lives and deal with each other.

We need to transcend from the force-based technology, the force based economy and a force-based world, to a new form of technology. This new form will not be based on force but on a higher understanding of nature, of the material universe and of the spiritual laws behind it. People will be able to work with life, with Spirit, and with nature and develop technology that will allow all to produce energy without burning any fuel whatsoever.

The Age of Aquarius will bring about wonderful changes in understanding about everything we deal with. Even more important is how we personally see life. Many on earth are the forerunners of Aquarius and are constantly willing to question the way we look at everything. They are willing to see what it is that stops our imagination.

If there is one thing you can do to help usher in a positive change and help God with the new age it would be to open your mind. Be willing to question what limits your imagination and your perception. For if you will not question your current perception, how could you ever free your imagination to soar beyond what you perceive as the limits for life?

We must continue to question church and state, religion and politics. They are like two sides of the coin of life. They truly represent the Alpha and the Omega, the masculine and the feminine.

The Age of Aquarius opens the door in which our differences are seen as our greatest potential. You are to bring an individual expression that is unique and that is not in competition with others. Your individual differences bring to light a beautiful expression of what you came to manifest. What you bring is not suppose to exclude, destroy, or obscure the expression of others. We are to compliment each other, forming a beautiful facet of life.

Our creator desires that his creation embraces the individual differences as beauty. The Creator has given each free will, because the Creator wanted to express itself as many individual facets, having them all form, each, a facet of the diamond mind of God.

Think back for a moment in history as to what has brought about progress in every area. It was diversity. It was someone who refused to see things the way the general mindset of the world was. True joy and happiness is only found in transcending everything.

We are all a work in progress and we are always changing, just like everything else in creation. Change is part of the purpose of God. God could have created a world of predictability and made us as robots, where everything stays the same and perfect as it was made. But God didn't do this because we are an expression of His creative powers.

Instead of whining about change and complaining about things, we need to embrace this opportunity to be a part of the change, instead of being a part of the problem. Raise your consciousness by learning more about what you can do to be a part of the new age. Take responsibility and put on the hat of hope and promise. We must get rid of the mindset that creates fear and inability to take hold of our lives.

Don't let anyone or any religious organization paint a picture that you are a victim and you can't do anything. That must go! Everything in life is about constant transcendence and the sooner you understand this the sooner you will find enormous joy.

I am, Morning Dove, named after my great-great grandmother, a Cherokee. My direct descendant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, inspired me to learn the deeper meaning of his writing, which in turn planted the seeds for the ideas presented in my first book. My website:

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