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Environmental Statistics Might Be Counterproductive To The Prevention Of Farm Animal Cruelty

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I admit to being guilty of bandying about the negative statistics concerning the raising of farm factory animals for the sole purpose of making the case that animal consumption is a blight on our environment as well as a major contributor to world hunger and other humanitarian issues. I also try not to miss touching on the issue of health, since it is pretty clear that an animal based diet is one of the surest ways to become a heart attack, cancer, stroke, or diabetes statistic.

Sometimes however, in my most intuitive moments, I realize that if vegetarianism is a movement, then many times my maneuvering of statistics can in the long run become counterproductive. The highest purpose for the eradication of farm factories is not the environment, nor the overall health of the human race but because it is the cruelest system imaginable and responsible for the barbaric torture of innocent animals for profit.

If the movement to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle focuses more on environmental woes, as opposed to keeping the main focus on the barbaric treatment of our animal friends, then even if we win many battles and get the word out at record pace the result might very well be merely a tapering off of animal consumption in the same way that we tend to be more careful about our automobile driving in a gas crisis. This would cut down on the sheer volume of animals raised and slaughtered for consumption but it would not eradicate the farm factories heinous brutality nor the plight of innocent animals caught in this web of torture.

Another great danger would be that when many farm factories were forced to shut down due to less demand for their product, the ones that remained would certainly feel the need to dream up new ways to pad the bottom line. Profit is and always will be the only issue no matter what commodity is being exploited, even if that commodity is an animal with a heart and soul and a great desire to live, care for its offspring, and to thrive and grow in surroundings that are compatible with a natural habitat. The profit margins will never be allowed to suffer for the sake of humane practices, especially if there is no regulation or enforcement in place. How much more would this be true when the surviving farm factories had to tighten their proverbial belts because of economic survival of the fittest.

To be perfectly honest, global matters are far too complex for this writer to attempt to make sense of the myriad of concerns and how each relates to the other. Environmental issues, economics, politics, racism, and entrenched cultural mindsets are just a few of the puzzles that need to be solved. Although selling the flesh of animals as a commodity is a major contributor to a large number of social woes, whether it be the environment, world hunger or the health of the human race, nevertheless it is irresponsible to contend that adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle would be the answer to all of these issues. It would be a great help but it is just one part of the solution.

If the vegetarian movement (and me) are too busy throwing statistics in the face of those who don't really have a heart for the issue, then instead of eradication of farm factories, there might be a measure of reform or even reduction. This would be functional in alleviating some of the environmental problems, but would not result in the abolishing of farm factories. They would continue to exist, albeit under a slightly different form, but the torture, and exploitation of animals as mere commodities for human consumption would continue.

I am passionate about health issues, and the state of the health of our wonderful America. I believe the American Diet is literally killing us and I believe that lobby money is the reason that we have been brainwashed into the shift from a plant based diet to an animal based diet. The result has been an unprecedented increase in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all varieties. I believe Americans are suffering from a lack of truthful information concerning our diets. I enjoy writing motivational articles that will help to correct the problem regarding this lack of information and also examine the prevailing misinformation in the light of truth.

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