Monday, November 8, 2010

Green Energy Investments - The US's Deep South Set to Be the Leader in the New Green Economy

By Jon Strom

A transformation is taking place across the southern region of the US, which goes against the stereotype of the region as an environmental scourge. The South no longer lags behind other areas of the US when it comes to green energy investments, and it could even become the leader in the fast developing green economy.

In fact, the South is not just keeping up with other regions, and is in fact leading in some ways. In a recent report that described which states are spending the most on renewable energy investments, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina where all in the top 10. The majority of green production facilities are being built in these regions. Arkansas and South Carolina are set to become the leaders in the US in wind power.

Despite the Recovery Act and the money being spent on renewable energy investments, the US is falling behind many other countries, such as China, which is spending vast amounts of money on clean energy investments. In the next few years, even stronger policies could emerge in the US in favor of green technologies, and if this happens the South is set to see the biggest growth in this sector as the infrastructure already exists there. Clean energy investments are driven by research and innovation, and the south has a long and distinguished history of bringing knowledge and innovation together.

The South has consistently enjoyed a competitive advantage over other regions of the US, in terms of cheap electricity and water, as well as better value real estate. This has enabled it to fuel its economic development. The South knows that to keep this advantage, it needs to develop green energy investments in the region, as maintaining the status quo will eventually lead to an erosion in the region's historical competitive advantages.

This does not mean that the transition is going to be easy for the South. Real progress never is easy. However, green investments in the South are changing the region as we speak, and contrary to popular opinion, the green economy of the future in the US may well not have its seat in the West, or North of the country, but down in the good 'ol deep South.

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