Friday, July 1, 2011

Climate Change is Not Global Warming

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by Jamie Douglas from Expat Daily News:

For way too long, the mainstream press and some well meaning individuals have been engaging in pseudo scientific banter about what causes the current severe fluctuations in climatic conditions that we are observing all over the planet. Whether conservative, liberal, or libertarian, the term “Global Warming” has been completely overused and abused by all sides. Let me start by boldly declaring, that what we are dealing with is a phenomenon generally known as “Climate Change!”

This has happened over the millennia on many occasions, and it most certainly cannot solely be blamed on humankind’s recent activity on the planet. Changes in climate caused by the likes of El Niño and La Niña have existed since long before man and woman walked upright.

However … one must take into consideration what early industrialization contributed in England, for example, where at least twelve thousand citizens died as the result of the smog that was mainly caused by coal burning plants as well as coke-consuming iron smelters. The Brits realized that they had to do something about the situation, and they did, by removing offending industrial plants from sensitive urban areas, as well as working to reduce the emissions created by some.

Of course, that was before huge multinational corporations were able to buy off corrupt politicians by creating lobbies that have more influence over elected officials than the ordinary citizen has, thereby overruling common sense health issues such as power plants that have been known to spew carcinogens and other harmful pollutants into the environment, which ultimately belongs to everybody or nobody, but certainly not the corporations (in theory at least).

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