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The Google Side Of Wind Energy

Wind energy cartoonImage by sepponet via FlickrBy Cory Sober

The word Google and the term wind energy are usually not found in the same article together, but as the song goes, the times they are a changing. The internet company has been investing millions of dollars, $400 million to be exact, into alternative energy projects like this. Their latest investment of $55 million in a wind energy farm in southern California represents their continuing commitment to this.

The biggest reason they invested this time was so they can help power their huge databanks of information. Usually when companies drop this amount of money into a project they expect to see monetary returns on their investment. Google is no exception. This is exactly why they have invested in the past.

Chances are though they are learning more about how this technology works and how beneficial it is to the environment. Google has always been known as a company who wants to do the right thing, and just because they are wanting to see a more practical return on their investment this time instead of a monetary one does not mean this is an exception. This latest investment though has raised a lot of eyebrows.

This is perhaps due to the fact that the wind energy business in California has been on the decrease as of late. This is why it seems like a risky move on their part and perhaps why other investors were shocked that Google jumped on board. They are acting like they want to be innovators in this field, and so far they seem to be doing a good job of it.

They seem to have some very savvy business minded people on their board of directors. The decisions they have made thus far have always seemed to pan out in the way they have wanted them to. They also seem to be right on track with what the American pubic both wants to see and needs to have.

As the record stands right now, the internet search giant has not been on the losing end of any of their ventures. They either see this technology as being the wave of the future and have extremely good timing, or they see their standing in the business community as a good way to bring more attention to it, and more or less make their own luck as a result of that. Whichever the case is they seem to be right on the mark.

Another thing that may be shocking to people is their obvious ethical behavior. Usually a company of this size is known for having a lack of it and a total disregard for the people who helped make it big. This isn't the case with Google and they don't have to go out of their way to prove that point either. You can see it in their daily activities and their obvious genuine concern for the environment as they keep investing millions into a relatively unproven science.

All of these roads keep pointing to a bright future for Google. In this case that bright future will be powered by wind energy. And if they have their way, they will bring everyone else along for the ride as well.

Cory Sober is the IT Director for UpWind Solutions, a full-service operations and maintenance provider for utility-scale wind farms. He is part of a highly trained team focused on maximizing long-term productivity of wind turbines, and as a result, delivering a higher return on investment for wind energy projects.

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