Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Monster Plant" That Causes Blindness Invades NY - Beware Of Giant Hogweed

By Fiona Roberts, Dailymail - on Before It's News:

A monster plant that can cause blindness just by touching its sap is spreading across New York.

State officials are warning residents to watch out for infestations of the dangerous plant, which can grown up to 12ft and has flowers the size of umbrellas.Teams are working across New York to destroy the monster weed, as its sap can cause severe blisters and permanent scarring.

So far the Department of Environmental Conservation has identified 944 known sites from Nassau County in the east to Chautauqua in the west.The department is urging New Yorkers to be on the look out for giant hogweed, but warning them not to touch it.

The plant's sap is so corrosive that just brushing against its bristles can cause painful, burning blisters.It produces the reaction when combined with perspiration and sunlight.

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