Sunday, May 18, 2014

2nd Edition of M&E for CC (Climate Change) Adaptation and Resilience: A Synthesis of Tools, Frameworks and Approaches
by Climate-Eval:

In announcing this second edition, one of its co-authors Dennis Bours, Team Leader of SEA Change CoP said “with this report we aimed to compile a comprehensive collection of monitoring and evaluation tools, frameworks, and approaches".

"In this updated second edition, a good number of newly-published frameworks and tools have been added, and attention was given to the changing focus from adaptation towards resilience.”

Dennis goes on to explain this tool is intended to help program managers, policy-makers, and researchers easily identify which materials would be most useful to them.

“The report extends the kind of adept guidance and spot-on analysis that helps development professionals do their jobs. At the same time, it identifies gaps and challenges that need to be addressed by technical specialists in the rapidly-evolving field of climate change adaptation.”

“It is essential to recognize, incorporate, and act upon local knowledge and strategies to achieve resilience. The next challenge for us is to be better at identifying and communicating what works so that lessons can bring benefits to many others” Dennis adds.

Monitoring & evaluation for climate change adaptation and resilience: A synthesis of tools, frameworks and approaches - 2nd edition is the joint work of Dennis Bours, Colleen McGinn and Patrick Pringle.

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