Sunday, May 11, 2014

Germans Love Wilderness: Majority of Germans in Favour of Protected Nature

Germans love Wildernessby Max A.E. Rossberg, European Wilderness Society: 

Germans love wilderness, are for natural forests and floodplains and they reject genetic engineering. 

Federal Environment Minister Hendricks: "Wild nature is indispensable not only for animals and plants, but also for us humans".

"Germans are in general  nature lovers. This gives us support for our objective to  increase the wilderness areas in Germany to meet the CBD objectives".

The study also shows how important for the general population natural flood plains, meadows and pastures are. This is one more reason for us to protect these habitats, which in addition to their beauty bring us many other eco-system services such as clean water, biodiversity or reduction of the effects of climate change. 

What the Germans rightly do not want are genetically modified organisms. 93 percent are of the opinion that nature should only be used so that the diversity and habitats are permanently saved.

Nearly two thirds of Germans like wilderness the wilder it is. There is a strong desire to enjoy and experience wilderness: Four out of five people want the wilderness to be accessible.

At this point in time only a few areas in Germany are certified wilderness areas according to the European Wilderness Quality Standards. 

The is a general consensus that wilderness, especially if situated in National Parks, will create new jobs and enhance a region. Only 21 percent see a risk for the forestry sector and only 16 per cent see wilderness as a threat to the agricultural sector.

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