Friday, August 14, 2009

GREEN LIVING: Sustainable Products Save the Environment‏

by Rodney Dagan

Environmental damage is becoming more and more of a concern with each passing year. For centuries we have been doing great damage to the environment through the way we produce products and through the products that we use. Now everyone is starting to see that the damage done is serious and we must begin to change our ways.

Sustainable products are one way to help minimize the damage to the environment. Sustainable products are products that do not do damage to the environment at all. In many cases, sustainable products are actually beneficial to the environment.

Building Better

One of the easiest to use sustainable products is wood. Wood is produced naturally, it comes from trees that are good for the environment and it is used in construction, which is one industry which has done major environmental damage.

Another sustainable product that can be used is clay. Clay has a lot of uses. It can be used in construction as well. It is a great building product because it is easy to use and it provides long lasting benefits to the consumer. A home, for example, that is built using clay will have natural insulation from the properties of the clay. This helps keep the home warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

What's For Dinner?

Another area where a lot of environmental damage is done is related to food. The containers used that are made of plastic are very harmful to the environment. Better options are paper packaging. Additionally, pesticides used on vegetables and other crops can be very damaging to the environment. Organic foods are much healthier for you and the environment. They are also readily available at supermarkets all over the place.


Perhaps, the largest cause of environmental damage is energy. Energy has long been derived from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not renewable. They are often difficult to get and harvesting these fossil fuels causes great environmental damage. Burning fossil fuels produces a great amount of pollution, as well.

Natural energy options are much better. These sustainable products are clean to use and they are a source of energy that will never be depleted. Renewable products include solar energy, wind energy and thermal energy. There are vehicles on the market that use electricity to operate instead of gasoline. There are energy companies that are using natural energy sources rather than using fossil fuels. There are many changes being made on the front of energy that are moving us towards using more sustainable products.

Using sustainable products is one of the top things that we can do to help save the environment, reduce damage and prevent future damage. In many cases using sustainable products is simple. You simply need to make the choice of a sustainable product over one that is not. In other cases, it can take a major change to switch to sustainable products, but when you consider the benefits then you know that it is well worth your time to make the change.

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