Sunday, August 23, 2009

ZEITGEIST: Environmental Awareness Concert Series Uses Biodiesel, Solar-Powered Train For Sole Transportation

By Jaylyn Bergner

Guaranteed, you've never seen anything like this before. Sure, other concerts promote a barrage of social and environmental causes. Live Aid from the 80s, aids, obviously; its spinoff Live 8, global poverty; Lilith Fair, women's charities donations (incidentally set to come back in 2010). What did they all have in common? Typical concert-going venues: stadiums, amphitheaters, fields. Not Robert Wolf's Green Train!

Though noble in nature, these events lack the idiosyncratic elements that set the Green Train apart from all other musical events in the past. When gearing up to actualize this effort, Green Train Project founder Robert Wolf had a vision to create a project that uses environmentally friendly platforms to promote his carbon-conscious cause. His Green Train Project is a throwback concert series using whistle-stop tours, organized around the movement of the biodiesel and solar-powered train, like the presidential campaign tactics before they plugged in, to generate buzz and a fan base.

Paired with kickass list of artists, to be announced in the next couple of months, this 30-stop tour aims to teach every-day tactics, that anyone anywhere can employ. Helping to improve and maintain the ecosystem isn't limited to only attaching solar panels to your house and driving a more fuel-economic vehicle. It's about the little things-the everyday details that make up the greater whole-because, in reality, here is where we will make the most difference.

Think that was it? Not quite. In addition to the world-renowned musicians and awesome, Earth-changing cause, The Green Train also will carry other celebrities, athletes, scientists, actors, activists, environmentalists, and media. In between performances, these personalities will speak, publicly or via satellite, on topics that will offer tips and benefits for greener living!

You're going to want to keep the month of April 2010 open because Bob Wolf's Green Train is rolling out, with major performances include Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Charlotte, New York, and Washington D.C. Catch the more intimate gigs in Sacramento, Atlanta, Boston, and Memphis.

See you on the train!!

Jaylyn Bergner, CEO and President of Begin Communications

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