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America's Seafood, Is It Safe? Does Anyone Really Know? What Can We Do?

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As Americans, we take a lot of things for granted, our freedom, our way of life and the quality of the food we eat, particularly our seafood. Just about every nutritionist out there will tell you that we should eat seafood regularly as part of a healthy diet right? But what if the seafood that we are buying and consuming is not safe at all? What if we are causing long term damage that is being passed on to our children?

Prior to the BP Oil Spill, our seafood had issues but nothing was done, why, because most of us only listen to what we hear on mainstream media. As 2010 fades away, the devastation that occurred because of the BP Oil Spill remain.

Although we can no longer see the oil, experts agree that 75% of the oil remains below the surface, slowly killing everything in its path. While BP continues to run its calculated commercials trying to show how much they care, our government assures us that all is well when it comes to the safety of the seafood coming out of the gulf waters. If this is true then why are people who live near these places refusing to eat the seafood they are catching?

Well Mr. President, I hope for the sake of your children's health, you open your eyes soon. The tests that are being paid for by the American people do not come close to providing accurate information about the safety of our seafood.

The NRDC has long been an advocate for the American public and its safety. According to Dr. Gina Solomon, the Senior Scientist at the NRDC, the tests that are being performed are too few and are non- scientific in nature. Dr. Solomon states her grave concern for the invertebrates like shrimp, oysters and crabs that cannot flush toxins out of their bodies. She also has great concern as to the dangers that these toxins can cause to pregnant women and children.

Someone needs to step up and bring this problem into the light. We as Americans are getting too dependent on what the media tells us is right or wrong, safe or not safe and even what is good or bad. There are those Americans who are reaching a point were we will bi-pass government regulations when it comes to insuring the safety of our children.

With the image damage that has been done to the seafood industry, the logical solution would be for BP to offer a fully funded 10 year independent testing program to ensure that this problem does not carry the "long term" damage that would harm our future generations to come especially if they are to continue to drill for oil in US waters.

Stephen Harkeli/ Founder
National Safe Seafood Council
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Stephen Harkeli is the Founder of the National Safe Seafood Council and has over 30 years of experience in the Business Marketplace. As a lifelong seafood consumer he is extremely concerned with the safety of our Nation's Seafood. The NSSC was formed to provide Americans a central source of non-bias information.

Please visit and sign his Global Petition for the testing of our seafood.

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