Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Residential Energy Deregulation - Get The Important Facts

By Tim C Jones

Energy deregulation is here and these are the important issues you need to understand. I will cover the following issues so you can successfully take full advantage of deregulation.
  • Why is deregulation happening?
  • Where is it happening?
  • What becomes of the old dependable utility?
  • Can you save money?
Many of you have heard the term and are probably curious about it. Energy deregulation is state government mandated legislation. The purpose of deregulation is to break up the energy monopolies just like what was done with the telephone companies in the 70's and 80's.

For years consumers had only one choice, the public utility monopoly, from which they could buy their power. This left little incentive for that one choice to negotiate the best price or service for consumers which left consumers at the mercy of an all powerful utility.

So far seventeen states are in various levels of deregulation. Some of the farthest along are Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. A high percentage of consumers in these states now have the ability to contract with private companies to get the lowest cost for electricity and in some cases gas.

So you might ask where does this leave the public utility that we depended on for so many years. Under deregulation the public utility is still there, but only as the deliverer of power. Under deregulation they will phase out of selling power. Instead their sole mission will be the safe and efficient transmission of power to your home or business.

What this means to you the consumer is savings. Depending on the energy company you contract with and your consumption, the average household can see a savings of $100 to $400 per year. If you are a business it can be dramatically more. In short the only difference you will see is on your bill.

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