Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Many Effects Of Global Warming

Mean surface temperature change for the period...Image via WikipediaBy George M Gibson

You may not recognize the effects of global warming, but you do not have to look far to discover the many consequences of ignoring this growing problem. Global warming is not something that is going away any time soon and it is up to each individual to begin thinking about how devastating this problem can be if nothing is done to combat it.

One of the effects that is very disturbing related to global warming is the freakish weather patterns that many places are beginning to experience. This can create conditions that can be unstable in places where the weather has not been an issue for many years. This can be a very disturbing effect but one that scientists are predicting will continue to be unstable.

The rising sea levels are something that you may have heard about, but you may not know how impactful this can be on our planet. If the sea levels rise by even a fraction, there are many consequences and this can create widespread flooding and land may be lost forever.

Desertification is something that you may not have heard much about, but it is a real and growing problem. In places where land was once viable, some areas are turning into a desert landscape and this is affecting the poorest populations in the world.

There are many other effects of global warming and it is something that each person should take very seriously. Global warming will not stop suddenly, and it is up to everyone to be more vigilant and recognize these growing problems in our world.

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