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Barack Obama - The First Green President?

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Will Barack Obama Be Our First Green President? by Tom Thompson

There is much ado about the election of our first black president, but really, the color of his skin is meaningless to me. It's the color of his politics that are of concern, meaning, "is he green?"

The gap between whites and blacks, hispanics, and other minorities grows ever smaller in this country and a black or hispanic president, and eventually a female president, was inevitable. Fifty years ago it was an impossibility for a catholic to be elected to the highest office!

President Obama has already stated in his speeches that part of his economic stimulus plan would include significant renewable energy projects and that is encouraging. After eight years of an administration that was thoroughly in bed with the oil industry and two centuries of plundering the planet in the name of the industrial revolution, it is time to reassess our goals and the future of our planet. We have burned colossal amounts of non-renewable, highly polluting fossil fuels in the past two hundred years, and that energy has given us a dream lifestyle filled with conveniences and gadgets, toys and transportation that would have been pure science-fiction when Fulton invented the steam engine and started it all.

Unfortunately, we are now paying a huge price for all these conveniences in the form of air, soil, and water pollution, as well as global warming, which, if allowed to continue unchecked, will soon make our planet a terrestrial hell. Fossil fuels are the culprit, so what to do about our dependence on them should be foremost in our minds. Not if, but when the ice caps melt, sea levels will rise at least thirty feet, inundating almost every coastal city and town on earth. There is great concern that the influx of all that fresh water will stop the flow of the gulf stream and bring on the next ice age.

Are we going to give up all the modern conveniences made possible by the burning of fossil fuels? Of course not! But there are things that everyone can do to reduce the size of their carbon footprint, cheaply, as well as save many thousands of dollars in energy costs!

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