Friday, January 16, 2009

Going Green: The Answer to Global Economic Recession

== Summary == Universal recycling symbol outli...Image via WikipediaMy wife and I have worked in marketing and advertising for a number of years and we used to print a lot of materials. We printed brochures, fliers, newsletters, direct mail, and many other documents. Then of course we out-sourced some printing jobs as well, like stationary and business cards.

I used to go through 100 business cards a week on occasions. It amazes me now how wasteful it all was. We were challenged by our employers to find ways to cut spending but were never challenged to green our office. I should email them and see if things have changed!

Is it possible for small businesses to go green without incurring huge expenses? The answer lies not in your financial status but in your willingness and determination to initiate green practices.

Five things a company can do to go Green:

1. Keep mission statements and company policies eco-friendly: It is very important that customers get the message and the employees follow these requirements. USA TODAY is promoting and maintaining a vigorous recycling program at all of its offices throughout the U.S. and the world, ensuring the reduction of waste of all office paper, computer, electronics and Mercury-containing light bulbs, and recycling containers for plastic bottles and cans all made readily accessible to employees. In addition, conservation and recycling of raw materials, such as inks, has become standard for USA TODAY facilities, which results in a reduction in the amount of waste generated by the production process.

2. Use Reusable bags instead of plastic bags: Bags represent the visible relationship of the company with the customer. A customer carrying a reusable bag (with company logo and style) feels much more satisfied. The consumption of plastic and paper shopping bags should be reduced due to their detrimental effect on the environment. “Reusable bags by BagsontheRun” are used a lot by companies across the US. They provide customized bags with company logos on them. All the bags developed by them are 100% recyclable.

3. Go for Green printing: Another area where the customer interacts with the company is through their printed material. It feels good to say that the printing done by our company is environmentally friendly. From scanning for various media, to archiving documents, to printing virtually any size run or format, through finishing and fulfillment, green printing will always be a good green initiative. I was recently introduced to Bacchuspress (a Certified Green Printer in the San Francisco Bay area). They make it easy for you to be kind to the environment while still delivering the highest quality printing possible; an intriguing solution from people who really care about their impact on the environment in the work they do.

4. Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Compact fluorescent light bulbs can provide your workplace with energy efficient lighting. These compact fluorescent light bulbs can save your company hundreds of dollars a year when it comes to your electricity bill, and in the process eliminate tons of greenhouse gases. They also tend to last longer than traditional light bulbs making their price more affordable.

5. Finally, create partnerships with other green businesses: Eco-conscious people always like to see more environmentally-friendly businesses in their area; they will need to build them themselves! When it comes to green solutions, green business grants need to be given to businesses that are willing to invest in long-term environmental solutions.

It is very important to show the logos that will promote your business as an eco-friendly company.

Good Luck!

Sam Jones, helping green companies
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