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Renewable Energy Solution Reviews

This wind turbine charges a 12 volt battery to...Image via WikipediaSick and tired of paying high power bills? If yes, then maybe it's now time for you to get a renewable energy solution. A renewable energy solution will indeed allow you to generate electricity for your own consumption which will eventually lower the amount you pay for your power bills. If by chance you happen to get the right renewable energy solution, you may even save yourself from paying power bills totally.

What more? Along with the great possibility of reducing the amount you pay for your power bills, you can also help the environment on the problem on energy crisis and global warming.

A lot of renewable energy solutions are now available on the market. So you might find it tough to choose which one to have. Below we have an honest, unbiased review/ranking of the three popular energy solutions now on the market.

#1: Earth 4 Energy

Earth 4 Energy is considered as the #1 renewable energy solution today by many because of the ease of use it provides to users and of course because of its proven efficacy.

Anyone can use the Earth 4 Energy guide, regardless of his or her technical knowledge, to generate own electricity from home through the use of wind power and solar power. The manual is believed to have set clear illustrations and instructions that helps users to successfully build and install own power generating systems easily, and for just less than $200.

Eventually, once generators are set up and smoothly running, results will start to show up. User will begin saving 80-100% on power bills. Not to mention that if user will generate more power than he or she uses, his or her power company will pay him or her for it. Thus, Earth 4 Energy is indeed a great renewable energy solution to have!

#2: Make Natural Power

Make Natural Power is one of those several renewable energy solutions that are trying to make a difference however failed for reasons like lack of ability to provide good information.

Make Natural Power has a great cover. However, according to some individuals who have tried it, it is no less than a guide with a great cover but with poor information. Make Natural Power has all the features of the other guides but it doesn't have the clear information that people will need. Illustrations and instructions are not clear and seem to assume the user has technical knowledge.

Make Natural Power is a good renewable solution if we consider its features and cover, but the rest beyond features and cover, then it may not be unfortunately.

#3: Homemade Energy

Homemade Energy has been one of the popular renewable energy solutions out on the market because of its unique, easy-to-download feature. It is actually offered in an instant download format which allows anyone to have it in just a few minutes.

Like any other renewable energy solutions, Homemade Energy may help you solve your problem with regards to paying high power bills however with no high guarantee and with no definite answer as to how soon. The book is poorly written and doesn't provide essential details like the exact specifications. For an instance, the motor/generator required for the wind turbine project. Thus, Homemade Energy may not be really a good choice.

This author is a big fan of Earth 4 Energy and Earth 4 Energy Review.

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