Thursday, January 1, 2009

Organic Companies and Social Change

Organics and Human Values by Bob Folkart

Today, organic companies are making commitments beyond simply producing eco-friendly products and emphasizing recycling of paper, glass, wood and rubber (Firestone Tires and Croc shoes). Many organic companies are now connecting with human values and a better quality of life for all. Social responsibility and ethical considerations have created a new framework for these newly evolved "green" ventures.

Recently, The Baltimore Sun, (April, 2008), included a special supplement selecting organic companies and their products. For example, Bluehouse, a Baltimore retailer, uses their philosophy of 'earth consciousness'. According to one of the store buyers, 'Our whole intention is to leave no carbon footprints. We do this by selling products using sustainable resources such as bamboo flooring, and bamboo towels...' Bluehouse also makes products from recycled materials such as dog toys from recycled bottles and children's toys from ...'recycled bits of old sweaters'.

The Sun also selected Live Life Organics, a family owned company that focuses on quality of life and human values. The company is a Green America approved business that still keeps their environmental commitment in producing their organic apparel. But in contrast to Bluehouse, their approach is quite different. Their global philosophy incorporates inspirational messages about hope, compassion, and courage. Their apparel even has plantable hangtags that recycle into wildflowers. According to the company founder, 'We introduced these special features on our clothing to create more positive energy in the world as people relate to others and themselves'.

Today, organic can mean more that recycling and protecting our environment. It can speak to basic human values in terms ethical behavior, social responsibility and how we relate to other individuals or groups.

Bob Folkart is Vice-President of Live Life Organics, a company devoted to encouraging the living of a passionate life through environmental awareness. Live Life Organics has created a range of organic clothing containing positive inspirational messages, that does not use toxic dyes, and includes a plantable hang tag that grows wild flowers. To view these organic products, go to

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