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Organic Products: Part of the Changing Zeitgeist?

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The Popularity of Organic Products by Anne Harvester

Organic products are made from organically grown plants. These are plants of any variety that are grown with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They are grown on land that has been chemical free for several years before the organic crops are sown. As such, they are very popular for food use. Any cuisine can be enhanced through the use of organic herbs. People also enjoy the flavor of organic tea.

Beyond food and drink, if individuals have sensitivity to certain chemicals, they know not to ingest it, yet the chemical may be an ingredient in personal care products such as shampoos and soaps. Organic bath products offer these people protection from the offending chemicals. For all these reasons, organic products are popular today.

Organic herbs can be used to enhance the taste of all your favorite dishes. Everything from first courses and appetizers to main dishes and desserts and all food in between, benefit from the addition of organic herbs. Any number of dips and spreads make quickly prepared but delicious first courses. They often include a piquant bite to them, to enhance the appetite and get the diner ready for following courses. For example, salt, sugar, dill and peppercorns are the basis of pickles, which can be made with baby peppers, cucumbers, olives, beans, asparagus, and many other vegetables. They can be prepared with organic herbs in advance, and allowed time to cure so that they are easy to serve at a moment's notice when unexpected visitors arrive.

Other organic products that you will see in today's well-stocked market include organic tea. Organic tea can be purchased in individual bags, or you can find it in a bulk or loose variety. Bulk organic tea allows you to blend your favorites together for custom drinks, and so they are enjoyed by many.

Switch aisles at your market, and you will see row upon row of health and beauty items. Organic bath products are becoming more common, because of their wonderful scents and because they contain no chemicals that may cause some individuals skin sensitivities and even rashes. Organic products include soaps and shampoos, often pleasantly scented with lavender, rose or lemon, so you can bathe with your favorite fragrances. The heat of the warm bath water also helps to release the scent of the herbs and spices used in these organic products, so they smell even better in a steamy bathroom.

Organics can enhance everything from your cuisine to your drink and your bathing rituals.

As a herbalist who spends her time learning about the properties of organic herbs and organic products, Anne Harvester has a thorough knowledge of organic bath products and it's uses. Anne's advice for purchasing herbs and spices in bulk can save you time and money.

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