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ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: All That You Wanted to Know About Magnet Motor Energy

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All That You Wanted to Know About Magnet Motor Energy by Marvin Dunn

Most of us are aware of the characteristics of magnets, which have the power to attract and repel each other. This character of the magnet when utilized properly helps to produce magnet motor energy which can later be converted into electric power.

With the rise in the consumption of electrical power and consequent rise in the cost of electricity, people have been on the lookout for alternative forms of energy. Windmills and solar power have become popular as alternative forms of energy. Magnet motor energy is another alternative form of energy which is well on the way to gaining popularity.

Magnets have the power to produce energy with the help of their polarity characteristics. We know that in a magnet, 'like poles' put together repel each other, whereas 'unlike poles' attract each other. In the production of magnet energy, three magnets are used. The third magnet keeps attracting the first two magnets which in turn repel each other. This helps with the production of movement which in turn produces energy.

Believe it or not, this type of energy production mechanism can continue for a very long period and this is the reason why motors running on magnet motor energy are called perpetual energy motors as they can run for about 400 years.

Magnet motor energy is environmentally-friendly energy as no fuel is consumed in the production of this energy and at the same time there are no fumes and other gases, hence no harm is done to the environment. So, this energy also helps in the conservation of fuel and as such is also good for our social commitments. Devices based on magnet motor energy are being designed and constant development work is going on in order to make it an acceptable form of energy.

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