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GREEN LIVING: Picnicking the Green Way

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Picnicking the Green Way by Donald Herzig

Back in the 1950s I was a pharmacy student at Albany College of Pharmacy and a student from China that was going to Albany Medical College rented a room in the same house I was renting in. We got to be friends, so I invited him to go to my home in Northern New York with me for the weekend. It was a cultural experience. We lived in an average home but to him it was a mansion and we were rich.

To show him around we packed a picnic lunch and spent the day touring. When we got out the paper plates he was amazed how we could find them and afford to use them. How things have changed in 50 years. That average house might be in foreclosure and we are borrowing money from China to bail out the housing market. With the price of gas we think twice about going just touring for the day. Now we are going green and using paper products are bad for the environment, there goes another tree.

Maybe we should go back to the good old days. Go picnicking with a picnic basket with real dishes. Go hiking near our home to avoid using gas. The exercise would save us from having to join a fitness center, and we could get to enjoy the environment we are saving. They even have backpack dinnerware sets, so we do not have to struggle carrying things.

As for the paper plates, are they really a convenience? You start setting up the picnic table and to keep the paper plates from blowing away you have to set something on them. A drink is not the answer, the wind could tip that over and besides when you start drinking the weight is gone. If you are like me you like to eat so you fill up your plate and the plate bends and the hotdog rolls off into the sand.

Then they bring on the traditional watermelon and put it on a paper plate and it soaks through, getting you wet, so you have to use at least a couple plates to stay dry. Now have gotten a pile of dirty plates and hope there is a waste can near buy. You do not want to dump trash someplace and ruin the environment anymore than the tree that was cut to make the paper plate.

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