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GREEN LIVING: Ten Excellent Fuel Efficiency Tips

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by Rudy Van Lancker

Going green is in, and so is saving some green. When it comes to the rules of the road, people want to cut corners when it comes to gas. If you cannot afford the hybrids or new energy-saving cars, there is still hope with other means of saving a few dollars on gas.

There are ways to avoid as many trips to the gas pump just by adjusting your driving routine. The trick is all behind the wheel. Instead of fueling your gas tank, you can start fueling your bank account. Looking for the best mileage on your vehicle is wise during this severe recession. Here are ten failproof guidelines that can help frequent drivers get the most for their dollar.

1. Shifting your car into neutral when you are just gliding down, turning corners or accelerating down a hill. Your car works less and you save gas.

2. Driving fast and halting to a stop wastes more gas than if you were to take it easy on the road. Slow down and experience life going the speed limit.

3. Don't carry too much in your car. Unnecessary weight will cause your car to use up more fuel. Take out that extra junk in the trunk. You'll benefit from the cleanliness and MPG.

4. Inspect your tire pressure. If your tires are looking low, pump them up again. Low tires result in more rolling resistances causing more fuel burning to keep your car going. A monthly check up should do the trick.

5. Drive with the windows down. Switching off the air conditioner for a short drive and rolling down a window for a breeze will feel better and save gas. But avoid fast winded drives because it will do the reverse with the air resistance your car will be fighting against.

6. Ease on the acceleration pedal when taking off. Speeding up right away also uses up unnecessary fuel.

7. Purchase your gas early or late in the day. Due to the coolness in the air, the gasoline is more dense meaning you will get more for your dollar.

8. Get your vehicle checked often. Having a clean filter lets air reach the engine for a smoother run.

9. Do not be an aggressive driver. Anger tends to take over your gas pedal when a neighboring vehicle cuts you off. Relax. Driving at a moderate pace will not waste your fuel.

10. And lastly the best tip would be to carpool. Not taking your car out on the road as often is the best fuel-efficient habit to adopt. Find ways to taxi it up with friends, co-workers and family. Car rides will be more enjoyable and you will see a difference in your pocketbook.

See how these little adjustments work for your daily routine behind the wheel. Chances are those few dollars towards gasoline you are saving will show significantly and you can buy yourself something nice instead.

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