Saturday, December 19, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Global Ecology and Our Future

By Lance Winslow

When we talk with futurists, especially those that are serious environmentalists they want to shock us about what is going to happen in the future. Take Al Gore's famous docudrama about global warming, and you begin to see what I'm talking about. It is true that we need to pay attention to our environment and the ecology issues of our time. After all, we have to drink the water and breathe the air.

The oceans also grow our food, and they are ultra-important for human life. If the air becomes too polluted we cannot breathe it without having health issues. And these are all things we must consider. If you are a "far left environmentalist" I can tell you of a great book to read that you will love. If you are a right wing conservative and get tired of all the environmental overblown doom-and-gloomers then perhaps, you might like this book too, and it might stop and make you think.

The book that I like to recommend to you is one that I read because it was recommended by the World Futurist Society or WFS. The name of the book is:"Building a Sustainable Society; We Have Not Inherited the Earth from Our Fathers, We Are Borrowing It from Our Children," Lester R. Brown, 1981, published by the world watch Institute

The author is very well known in futurist circles and this book is actually fairly decent. It talks about the challenges ahead with regards to ecology, and the environment challenges such as; expanding farmlands, water, nutrients and poor soil, expanding deserts, deforestation, overconsumption, oil coal, nuclear, food issues, genetically modified crops, runaway inflation in prices, and global competition.

He also talks about solutions for energy such as: cellulose ethanol, bio-waste, hydro, ocean wave energy, solar, geothermal, and wind. And there are chapters on better transportation, smarter cities, and urbanization, and how to put it all together to help the Third World along with potential R&D programs, which he believes should be priorities. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes in smart thinking.

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