Saturday, December 19, 2009

ZEITGEIST: Search For an Alternative Energy Supply is Forcing New Thinking

By JM Smith

Finding an alternative energy supply is this decades priority, and is forcing new thinking from our politicians and from our inventive entrepreneurs. Our Scientists are under attack as never before due to the debate raging worldwide about climate change and its legitimacy; or is it just a worldwide collective tax on humanity for the benefit of a few, remains to be fought by those opposing forces. But what the average "Joe and Jill" do know, is that our climate is different to anything we have experienced in the past.

Here in Australia we are just coming into our summer months, yet we have had the hottest Spring days ever recorded. Adelaide in South Australia has already experienced 7 days straight of hot days in excess of 40+ Celsius and been on extreme fire watch. Last summer in Victoria we had whole towns burnt out with the loss of hundreds of lives.

So whoever is right about emission trading schemes and carbon sequestration methods or enshrining into law a new tax for carbon trading schemes remains to be fiercely debated and will likely be contested for years to come. But where Australia is standing right now is facing the predicted hottest summer on record and current power supplies that will be severely challenged.

The search for a new viable power supply is essential. With the growth in Australia's population, weather heating up, existing power sources struggling to meet current demand we have to do find a new power source this decade. And some new thinking from our politicians who in the past have tended to serve 'big business' first before the needs of the "average Joe and Jill" now need the small entrepreneur who for many years has struggled to get funding for Research and Development (R&D) funding of new ideas and technologies.

It is really unfortunate timing (unfortunate or contrived is still being debated) that climate change has come to the urgency it has in such a catastrophic financial environment. When the average world citizen is worrying about their own financial survival it means their attention is distracted and they aren't paying the attention that this debate on climate change and new power sources deserves.

If Australia and the rest of the world is to find an alternative energy supply then we also need just as radical a new way of thinking from our elected or otherwise world leaders. They are needed to come up with a strategy that will engender the best solution that is as fair as possible to as many as possible without favouring vested interests.

I have great faith in our entrepreneurs to find a solution because there have already been many good ideas that have died in the embryonic stage due to lack of funds. The answer to the real question in this fiasco also represent the solution and that is "can our world leaders divorce themselves from the vested interests long enough to find a consensual solution to climate change and our energy requirements?"

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