Friday, December 18, 2009

CASE STUDY: The New Apollo Project - A Model to Save the World

By Suzanne De Cornelia

President Kennedy announced the Apollo Project to put man on the moon within a decade. No one thought it could happen. Then a spellbound world watched Neil Armstrong take 'a giant leap for mankind' before the decade was out.

Today, a new Apollo Project seeks to create 3 million jobs in 21st century energy industries by switching US energy dependence from the Middle East, and turn our rustbelt into the Hydrogen and Hybrid Hub. The new $300 billion dollar Apollo Project is a coalition that includes environmental groups, and 12 of America's largest labor unions.

Over 70% of Americans want the government to protect the environment, and 88% want an energy plan based on solar power, fuel-cell technology and higher fuel efficiency standards. The multinational corporations, big oil and automotive industries are granted billions of dollars in government subsidies and tax cuts, and on top of those give-aways drain the US Treasury of another over $70 billion a year by using tax shelters. They permanently occupy the globe's oil producing regions, also supported by US taxpayers; profit from importing oil and building bigger cars, and by lacing our foods with oil-derived pesticides, herbicides and preservatives that are killing us and our land, and making cancers epidemic.

The US has 5% of the world's population, and uses 25% of its resources, and accounts for 25% of the global warming. Americans drive an u50 million gas-guzzler SUVs that spike the CO2 factor of global warming. If the fleet mileage exemption on SUVs was ended, and gas mileage increased by 3 miles per a gallon, we could end Middle East oil imports--for which we've fought two wars in recent years that cost us $3 Trillion.

Global oil reserves are being rapidly sucked dry, as demand increases from emerging nations. Our planet is Code Red from the lust for oil. Oil wars bankrupt our schools and public services, poison our water and air, kill the land, incite human rights abuses, civil unrest and more terrorism everywhere that America is building-and policing pipelines with mercenaries-from Burma to Columbia. Peru to Afghanistan. Ecuador to Iraq. We need to end this insanity before it ends us!

Every second our sun releases more energy than humanity has used in all of its history. This electromagnetism powers many of our most advanced technologies. We have the technology to harness it to replace the 3-million+ jobs US corporations exported to Asia. And by concurrently replacing the US Income Tax with a 21st century US Waste Tax, we could at once retrain our workers, repair the environment, and boost the American economy to sustainable levels of prosperity.

The Apollo program and projects like it can become America's next economic rocket, by revitalizing infrastructure, and creating millions of new jobs in design, engineering, manufacturing, construction, marketing, and transportation. Climb aboard!

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