Saturday, December 19, 2009

CASE STUDY: Gartree Wind Farm

By Aidan Gibson

With all of our hopes and plans to reduce our carbon footprint, the planning application for a new wind farm should be well received. The new wind farm which has been proposed for Leicestershire is near the beautiful town of Market Harborough. This will boost the local economy and create new jobs. One of the countries leading social enterprise promoting community ownership of renewable energy is proposing to develop the wind energy project in partnership with the local community and landowner.

It seems that some people are against this eco friendly project! They say 'We do not want or need a wind farm near Lubenham' and 'My biggest issue is what do they do when the wind does not blow?? You end up having to have some backup source just in case!'. I can understand why some people do not love wind turbines as much as me and other wind junkies. But maybe they could change their perspective on wind turbines and see them as the beautiful structures that represent our love for our planet.

Unfortunately, the resistance to change has caused the Stop Gartree Action Group to try and show people what sort of impact the height of the turbines would have on the landscape. The villagers expressed shock at the height of the blimp balloon that was supposedly flown to the proposed heights of the wind turbines.

A photograph was taken on the 13th September 2009 showing the Blimp (balloon) flown by the Lubenham Parish Committee/ Stop Gartree Action Group. The actual indicated position and height of the wind turbines (turbine one) is marked which is at a fraction of the height of the blimp! Maybe someone is telling porkies?
The yes or no to Gartree Wind Farm being built is a global concern. The decision Harborough council makes with regard to the application for a wind farm at Gartree will have an impact on the rest of the World.

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