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POLLUTION: Breathe Deep and Often - But Beware, Polluted Air is Risky Business

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Breathe Deep and Often - But Beware, Polluted Air is Risky Business by Bill Tallmon

Air is a bargain. It is free for all of us and easy to use. Air is the most important component of life on Earth and anchors the physical body of all living creatures. We take our free air for granted unless our body sends a message. Exercise tells us we need air and lung disease is blocked or obstructed air flow. When we see someone sucking on a respirator or and oxygen tank we wonder why? Breathing sensitivities have increased dramatically since the industrial revolution and in modern society there is little chance that will change.

It's up to us as individuals to choose our air. That is not easy as only a few locations in the world have pure air. Yet, a large volume of air in your body is paramount to health. People are faced with a major issue that threatens health: polluted air.

There are only two kinds of air:

• Clean Air
• Polluted Air

Earth air is:

• 78% nitrogen
• 21% oxygen
• .09% argon
• .03% carbon dioxide
• water vapor

Added to that are dust, pollen, plant grains, and solid particles (pollution) that float in the air. It is easy to pollute clean air into something toxic. As combustible materials are burned their light components go up in smoke to become a part of the air you breathe. For example, cigarettes, waste disposal, forest fires, fossil fuels, chemicals, even the most dense materials burn with enough heat. Many are toxic and even deadly. Lung disease usually occurs slowly as the lungs fill with pollutants.

The cleaner the air breathed the longer you avoid the issues of your lungs failing to perform. Ironically, shallow breathing does not provide the body adequate oxygen. If you learned to breathe from a singing coach you may breathe properly. When I check people for breathing I find most do not get good breaths. You can easily check if the air is in the right place.

• Sit on a chair and bend forward with your chest close to your knees
• Breathe and notice where the air goes
• You should always breathe to this point. Chest breathing simply is inadequate

Another deep breathing process is:

• Raise your arms above your head and stretch upwards.
• Lower your arms, but keep your shoulders high
• Breath 5 times into your belly filling it to maximum (It should protrude outward)
• Be sure the air is pressing out your love handles

Beware of inhaling:

• Household chemicals
• Smoke of any origin
• Car exhaust fumes (odorless killer)
• Yard and farm chemicals

Your lungs are your connection to the planet. Abuse them and it will shorten your life and steal your energy.

My name is Bill Tallmon. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopathic Practitioner who has never visited either profession as a patient. 25 years ago I made a decision to eliminate medical doctors and drugs from my life. The Natural Health credentials I earned helped me become my own doctor and do away with the MD and drugs. I believe that you can do the same.

I am creating a set of natural health toolkits based on my successful journey. I learned to control the pain, weight loss or gain, energy, relationships, mental instability and avert the medical crisis that leads to a medical doctor's drugs and interventions. (beyourowndoc under construction) is a drug free nature cure approach to the issues of health care. You can find out more. Visit for now.

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