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Self Sufficiency - A Sustainable Future

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Self-Sufficiency - A Sustainable Future by Jonny Lyons

Self-sufficiency is a dream lifestyle for many people although few take steps towards it. Time and money are always short and it never seems compatible with city living or 20th century thinking. But this is the 21st century where global warming has started to fight back and ideas of sustainability are top of the agenda.

New innovations in sustainable building such as eco-insulation, grey-water systems, wood-fuelled heating/boilers, rainwater harvesting, solar water heating, air/ground source heat pump, solar power, wind turbines and eco-building can all be utilised for their cost effectiveness, with increased self-sufficiency as a bonus rather than the overall goal.

Meanwhile, organic food is increasing in popularity and price as consumers take interest in issues such as food miles, animal welfare, natural foods and less common varieties. This means any food you can grow yourself on a small plot of land, container or even a window-box is absolutely priceless, as well as an enjoyable hobby. You don't have to move to the country to live the dream, self-sufficiency is a journey of small steps that make a big difference.

The benefits of self-sufficiency are as endless as the disadvantages of modern living, whilst allowing us to enjoy all the benefits of both worlds with a minimum of effort. Work should be varied, interesting and always challenging whilst accomplishing something worthwhile. Doing otherwise is like keeping a monkey in a concrete cage, which is somewhat similar to the urban environment we have unwittingly created for ourselves, which many long to escape from whilst temporarily enjoying the lifestyle it affords.

There is a compromise, a way to enjoy the convenience of a concrete jungle and remain unaffected by the lack of contact with life and nature, and live free of guilt and worry at the state of the planet and inevitable collapse of the unsustainable practices in economics and agriculture which hold up our booming society. Self-sufficiency is the solution to a world of problems and almost any solution to global issues of sustainability, from permaculture and organics to recycling and renewable energy, can be scaled down to enable any individual to help themselves achieve a greater level of self-sufficiency.

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