Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ZEITGEIST: Replace Corporate Energy Industry With Small Scale Mass Customization of Our Energy Infrastructure

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Replace Corporate Energy Industry With Small Scale Mass Customization of Our Energy Infrastructure by Bob Mccoy

I propose replacing our energy industry with houses that use very little energy in the first place (Jimmy Carter conservation), and that have their own generating capacity, starting with solar, and including wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, whatever works best for each individual building.

We'll need to restructure our tax code to allow individuals to protect assets. Then eliminate corporate income taxes, and protect against disguising personal income as corporate income.

We want and need big businesses to supply products and services. We just do not want big business to interfere with our government, run roughshod over our people or wreak havoc in our natural environment.

We need to develop small-scale mass customization using the best combination of sustainable energy generating capacity for individual buildings. Conservation, solar, wind, hydro-electric, tidal and geothermal are a few options for extracting energy for individual buildings, small factories or farms. Nuclear power can be used for large industrial purposes. Use batteries and capacitors to improve the reliability of the energy.

Replace the totally artificial culture of dependence being sold by these giant energy extraction and utility companies, with a new age of personal responsibility and creative freedom. Responsibility and freedom are the same thing. We can and we are taking responsibility for supplying our energy, away from these unreliable energy supply corporations. Its the grid that is unreliable.

Lets get busy, and design and build a replacement for the unreliable energy extraction industry and utility grid, that has just about destroyed the world economy. I suppose the energy industry is the foundation of the world economy, isn't it? No!

Agriculture is the foundation of the human economy, but energy is definitely a vital aspect of our economy. And these intermittent interruptions in our economy's supply of energy, is disrupting our economy and disturbing our peace.

Use hydrocarbons in our chemical industry, not our energy industry.

Small-scale mass customization, is the solution for solving these disruptive fluctuations in our power supply, its just a matter of engineering and leadership.

by Bob Mccoy.

I am developing a cluster of businesses on and offline that investigate and promote a spiritual solution to the economic problem. It is a holistic approach to self improvement and helping others. earthling09 http://sites.google.com/site/earthling09/Home is a holistic healing and teaching system. http://9earthling19.blogspot.com is a blog about healing human nature and advancing human civilization.

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