Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is Piezo-Electricity?

What is Piezo-Electricity? by Michael L Leigh

Discovered over a hundred years ago, piezo-electricity is only just starting to reach its full potential. In simple terms a piezo-electric material is one that can be mechanically deformed and will generate an electrical charge. Also, if you apply a charge it will deform shape in the same way. This has been used in a variety of ways in both old and modern electronics but only recently has it been discussed as a possible energy source.

One possible use would be as personal electrical generators. As MP3 players, cell phones, and other mobile electronics get more popular so will the demand for better charging and battery life. The solution could be shoes with a piezo-electric sole that charge these devices as you walk. These kinds of generators require no additional work on the part of the user and simply capture existing waste energy for reuse.

Another idea is using piezo-electric materials to capture sound waves due to the vibration they would cause in the material. This vibration could come from a busy street, a concert, or anything really. One day you might be able to turn on your personal music player and go for a jog with all the power coming from your running and the surrounding noise pollution of the city. This ties into the whole idea of personal electrical generators again.

Personally I believe the best solution will be a combination of sources of energy being gathered. This would ensure every scrap of waste energy is being reused making devices extremely efficient and allowing us to generate our own electricity by simply living our lives.

For more information including diagrams and videos of piezo-electricity check out this page on how piezo-electricity works. Also, for more general renewable energy and alternative energy information visit renewable energy future. Hope this article was informative.

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